The App migration platform Beta release with Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant user interface

This is post #3 of a 3 part series with updates across Jira Cloud Ecosystem, Confluence Cloud Ecosystem, and the Migrations Platform team. Happy reading!

Hi developer community,

In September we announced the release of the last set of APIs of the App migration platform Alpha. The Alpha platform goal was to support you in building a migration path from server / Data Center to cloud for your app data, or integrate your existing server / Data Center to cloud migration path, with the Cloud Migration Assistants.

Our team has been working to address scalability, reliability, and security issues for the platform, and we’re happy to announce we’ve just released the Beta version of the platform with stable APIs.

Alpha to Beta breaking changes

Only the migration API and notification API are impacted by the breaking changes and will only impact you if your migration path uses migration details (project and spaces). If not, there is no impact. From now going forward, any breaking change will follow the Atlassian REST API policy.

We can ensure retro-compatibility for now, but it’s important to understand you’ll need to make the changes within the next two months if your migration path is impacted . Check the release notes for more details.

App migrations user interface available in Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

The app migrations user interface for the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant is now released. With this release you can test how your migration path interacts with the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant interface. This user interface is tailored for the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant customer EAP, scheduled to start in March.

The user interface for the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant customer EAP is under development, and is scheduled for release in April.

Limitation for apps that have a different listing (addon key) for server and cloud

We are working on validating the UI flow for this specific use case. If your app has a different key in server and cloud, you may face an issue when CCMA preflight checks are checking if your app is installed in the destination cloud site. We are working on fixing this issue.

What you need to know

You must upgrade CCMA and JCMA

To keep working on your migration path, you now need to upgrade CCMA and/or JCMA to the latest version. The older versions of CCMA/JCMA will stop working with the App migration platform.

You must upgrade the libraries

Please upgrade the libraries to the latest versions. The new versions contain integration with new Beta APIs and retro-compatibility with Alpha APIs.

Your app needs to be assessed to be triggered by the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

During the Alpha phase, the migration assistant triggered all apps that have registered their listener. With the user interface, the user needs to mark the app as “Needed in cloud” and consent to data migration for the app to be triggered. Use the user interface to set up your app for migration.

You must not use the Beta platform to migrate customer data until EAP

These latest releases of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant are for testing purposes until each EAP starts.

  • Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant customer EAP - March 2021
  • Jira Cloud Migration Assistant customer EAP - April 2021

Although we addressed our security concerns, we’re still in the process of a deep security review. We intend the security review to be completed before the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant customer EAP begins (March 2021).

For the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, you must not run migration with customer data yet. The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant does not have a user interface at this time, and the legally required consent for the migration cannot be given by the customer .

If you have customers who wish to migrate your app using the migration assistant, they can sign up for the App migrations EAP. For more details on the EAP release process, you can refer to our last post announcing updates on our timelines.

A recent new issue with the libraries

In case you missed it, we found an issue with our libraries. The problem was fixed for the tracker library. Check this post for more details.

What’s coming next?

The planned updates to the App migration platform include the following:

Please watch the tickets in our JAC project for updates on our development progress. Additionally, you can find updates on those releases in our change log when they ship. We expect to have all of the above additional migration available for you to develop by March 2021, ahead of the Jira EAP. Some updates may ship early, so we highly recommend voting / watching / commenting on the tickets in order to get updates.

Reminder to update the Cloud Migration Assistants with your migration path - no matter what kind!

Within the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistants includes a lightweight “App Assessment” functionality which helps customers understand what server apps they’re running, and which of those are currently available on cloud.

If you already have a way for customers to migrate app data (or app data migration is not required), add your documentation to the Marketplace using the Marketplace Migrations API. This API provides information to the Cloud Migrations Assistants so that we can display the correct migration information in the App Assessment tool to customers. If your app has no feature differences and/or does not require app data migration, please write documentation (like Balsamiq has done). This helps reassure customers that migration with your app won’t be a problem.

You can also request to have your migration path be featured in our public Knowledge Base article that is surfaced to customers and Atlassian Field teams who are assessing a migration to cloud. You can do so by submitting a request to Marketplace Support Team.