Upcoming Jira 9.7 changes to Agile front-end modules

:wave: Hello, Community!

As announced in Preparing for Jira 9.2, we’re making changes to the way we bundle and serve client-side code in Jira Software. These improvements aim to modernize the codebase and speed up page loading time in the app.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

As we plan to release these changes in Jira 9.7, it’s important that you share any dependencies that your apps have in Jira Software views (Board, Backlog, Reports, Configure board, View all board), especially on AMD modules or global variables.

You can still let us know here: [JSWSERVER-21430] Gathering feedback on modified jira-agile AMD module names - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

Check out the previous Community announcement for details about the changes we’re introducing.

We’ll consider your front-end dependencies on Jira’s code to make sure that after the upgrade these changes won’t affect your apps’ work or there’ll be a clear migration path at least.

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Jira Data Center and Server team


Hi Maciej,

In 9.7 GH.RapidBoard.State.getBoardType() returns:

"deprecation: RapidBoardState#getBoardType is deprecated and will be removed in next versions; use jira-agile/rapid/rapid-view-config AMD module"

However, jira-agile/rapid/rapid-view-config is not available. It is also not mentioned in the list of modules available in Jira 9.7

How should we go about retrieving the board type in 9.7?

Thanks @MarkusDarko for reaching out,
you’re right that jira-agile/rapid/rapid-view-config is not exposed, but it should be.
We were waiting for signals which modules are being used and this one wasn’t explicitly called out, however we should have exposed it anyway as we’ve changed RapidBoardState and referred to that module.

For the time being, you can use GH.RapidViewConfig variable for the following methods:

  • isScrumBoard
  • isKanbanBoard
  • getBoardType
  • getShowEpicAsPanel

Regarding WR-dependency, it’s under <dependency>com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:gh-rapid</dependency>.

Update: jira-agile/rapid/rapid-view-config AMD module will be available since 9.7.1.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Rzymek!

Hi Rzymek,

I wanted to add that we are also relying on GH.RapidBoard.State.getMode(), which is marked as deprecated, but still working for now. I do not see this method exposed in any of the modules in the list.


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