Update on how to detect ADG3 enabled tenants?

Just checking in to see if there had been any updates on how to detect an ADG3 enabled tenant? (Especially in Bitbucket Cloud land)


There isn’t a way to detect this ADG3 enabled tenants at the moment. But given the decision that it is okay to release ADG3 designs in add-on ahead of products, this should alleviate the need for this.

Let us know if you feel otherwise.

For 2 off my add-ons (Enhancement Wizard for JIRA Cloud and Enhancement Wizard for Bitbucket Cloud) I need to show a different ui depending on the ui capabilities. Also for support purposes it’s kinda important (ie. it will help me avoid asking the user to describe the experience they are in).

Hey Daniel - the timelines in which Bitbucket will have both ADG 2 and ADG 3 is relatively small so we didn’t think it would be worth add-on developers’ time and investment to try to maintain and check for both - we’re advising developers to just build with ADG 3. Let us know if there was something more here you were concerned about.

That makes sense. Are the plans the same for Confluence and JIRA? Ie. it will happen over night or will it be more of a rolling deployment?

Hi Daniel - for Confluence, we’ll be doing a progressive rollout of ADG3 from March through to May (most of the rollout will occur in May).

Gulp. When you say in May - you mean after AtlasCamp or is it tied with AtlasCamp? Are any of the Web-Panel locations and such are changing at this time?

At this stage, I would say that the rollout on Confluence will not be complete by AtlasCamp, and will continue throughout May. As for web locations movement / changes, I’ll keep you posted if there are to be any changes - I realise this would impact your web fragment finder.

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Thanks! I’m mostly concerned about our commercial add-on for Confluence which uses a webPanel that rumors has it might be on the chopping block at some point. For obvious reasons I’m hoping the rumors turn out false since there aren’t any replacements for it right now that I’m aware of. :slight_smile: