Updates about app migration API in Forge

Hey there,

we want to build an app migration for one of our Data Center apps to its Cloud version on Forge.

We have identified that the recent packages of @forge/manifest (npm) and atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener (maven) contain evidence that Atlassian is working on such an API.

Can we expect such an API to be released until the end of the year? Could Atlassian please share some insights about that project? This would help us in terms of aligning our roadmap.


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Hey @JulianWolf, well spotted.

Yes, work is underway to create a migration path for server apps to migrate directly to Forge. It’s very early days though, so it’s more likely that the EAP will be early 2024.

The team are planning to release some more info and start getting feedback on their plans soon. Keep an eye on the RFCs topic.