User Search with Email & GDPR Impacts

I have a private, unlisted add-on that is for internal use by my company. All accounts are “managed accounts,” and are managed by my company via Google.

According to this post from Alexandra Kassab, organizations will not have the option to apply privacy settings across the entire organization after the cut-over happens.

We are now looking for alternative ways to link identities to emails for our internal application.

To address this, we were hoping to use the Find Users API method (/rest/api/3/users?query=) with an employee’s email address in the query field to get their Atlassian account ID.

Will the REST API still support looking up users by email address via this endpoint once the GDPR changes roll out? Returning the email in the response is not required; we only need to find a user by email.


@david.gunter my current understanding is that exact match on email address should work. Getting that clarified now with teams here at Atlassian as there has been quite a bit of back and forth on this point internally.

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Thank you! I’ll be interested to hear what the final decision is.

Following up on this to see whether you’ve heard back from any of the teams regarding search-by-email. Continued support for an exact match on email would make the transition a lot easier to manage.

We are also interested in, our add-on relies on looking up users by email address.
Since 3rd May /rest/api/2/user/search?query={emailAddress} is returning empty result even for exact matches.
Before it was returning results.
Is there any ticket that we can follow?