UserPicker component does not work when it's child of CustomFieldEdit

Here’s my Edit view for the UserPicker custom field

return (
    <CustomFieldEdit onSubmit={onSubmit} width="small" header="Select values">
        <UserPicker label="User" name="user" />

When I open issue’s Create Screen and click on the field nothing happens and there’s one error in the browser logs:

Invariant Violation: [React Intl] Could not find required `intl` object. <IntlProvider> needs to exist in the component ancestry.
    at e.exports (
    at ee (
    at new n (
    at Ra (
    at qi (
    at Rl (
    at ys (
    at hs (
    at ls (

When I remove UserPicker component from the my code, edit field view renders correctly.