Users have access but are not registered to groups

Hi all,
I noticed that whenever i give a user account access to product it is also added to a group with a specific convention. for example when adding users to a jira in a given site, they are added to a group named jira-software-users-mysite.

But i got a weird behavior.
When querying the cloud admin API call:
i get users that have access (returned under the key “product_access”) but i see they are not part of any group…

How is that possible?!

Thanks a lot!


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Hello @JohnErvin

Maybe have a read of the How users have access and How does product access work documents.

It’s not mandatory for a user to be in a group just to access a product. Groups are just an organisational object to make management of users a bit easier.

Hi sunny, thank you for your kind help!

I tested the different ways of granting someone product access, and once you give someone access, he is added to the default product group. It seems that Atlassian has some naming convention, so, for example, any ‘regular’ jira user is added to jira-software-users-mysite.

Still, my problem is that I see users that are not part of any group and the API shows they do have access to products (as I mentioned the “product_access” key (Cloud Admin API call) is not empty).

I could not re-create such scenario and I am trying to understand how it is possible.

I will appreciate any help.
Thanks a lot!