Using both AUI and AtlasKit with a smooth design

Hi there,

We have an Angular 1.x SPA as our frontend, and using AUI so far… Now, we are starting migrating to React, using a bottom up approach, starting on the leaf components for later having full controllers and screens in React.

So, we’ve found very useful to use AtlasKit, since t’s quite easy to use with React… But then, the problem: the look-and-feel is completely different in comparison to AUI and we would end up having a mixed UI experience (ADG2+ADG3).

So my question: is there any theme for AtlasKit to look like AUI, for using while Jira Server doesn’t go to ADG3?

Or any other recommendations?


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Hi @vpelizza,

You’ll be interested to know that Jira Server is moving to a new look and feel more in keeping with the ADG: Coming soon: Updated look and feel for Jira Server. Confluence Server and Bitbucket Server are also adopting this aesthetic as well.

You’ll also be interested to know that the AUI project is re-implementing its styles to more closely match ADG3. Take a look at the progress here:

As for making Atlaskit look like AUI / the current design in Server products, my advice would be to not worry about it. Why is matching the host product’s design important to your business? Is it the most important aspect of your business?

If you adopt a long term outlook, the design systems will align over time, so your app will “fit” in a Server product regardless of whether you’re using AUI or Atlaskit. Yes, for the current versions of Server products, there would be some aesthetic difference – but your end-users probably either won’t notice or won’t care :wink:

Hope that helps.


Hi @daz,

Yes, that makes sense to me. So, basically, we will start using AtlasKit with some strategy behind, avoiding it to get too weird in aesthetic terms for older versions of Jira, and move forward the new ADG3.

Thanks for your reply!

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Hi @vpelizza ,

A bit off topic here , but was keen to understand your take on moving from Angular 1.x to React instead of Angular 4/5.


Hi @ajay,

Sure, that’s a bit of a polemic question :slight_smile:

We have considered a couple of different points of view:

  1. There is no way to simply “convert” you Angular 1 app to later versions, it would be a re-write anyway
  2. Most of the Angular 4/5 community and Angular itself is focused on TypeScript, which is something we are not much interested. We prefer plain ES6 Javascript, well designed, instead. I know there are lots of different opinions on this item, but that’s our take on it
  3. It seems much easier to find developers interested or with some experience in React than Angular
  4. We’ve got a really good performance with React during our POC of a very dynamic grid component, with lots of records being rendered. This is not a very strong point, we haven’t compared with later versions of Angular
  5. Atlassian seems to be moving fast towards React, and AtlasKit quite a nice framework, growing fast

Well, maybe I’ve forgot one or another point, but those would be our main opinions on why choosing React over Angular 4/5.