Using external React Libraries in Forge

My team and I want to build a calendar component for our Jira Service Management app that we’re building in Forge. We’d like to import external React libraries (i.e. Chakra) into our app and use that.

We’ve been searching everywhere and have tried a bunch of ideas but haven’t been able to successfully import external React libraries. Is there a way to do this in Forge?

Hi @BrettC , if you’re using UI Kit, you won’t be able to add external React component libraries as it’s a framework that only allows for UI Kit components. If you’re using Custom UI, what issues are you seeing when trying to install the package?

We haven’t actually tried it with Custom UI yet, I’ll have to try that.

Hi @BrettC,

We are looking at introducing a new way for the loading of custom resources within UI Kit, making it easy to import non-UI Kit components in a UI Kit module. More information can be found here: Join Early Access Program (EAP) for new Frame component