Want to see your app in Jira Cloud mobile? Glances have arrived!

Don’t just peek or squint – take a proper glance at your app within Jira Cloud for iOS and Android.

That’s right, third-party apps have arrived as glances on mobile. Is your app ready? (Of course, it is! Grab the bull by the horns. Or, rather, the code by the branch.)

What’s a glance?

Currently, the web version of Jira displays third-party apps within issue details, showing which apps are connected and providing information to the issue (such as time-tracking with Tempo).

We call this feature a glance, because users can take a quick glance at key information.

Until now, glances have only been supported in Jira’s web version.

But now… Jira Cloud mobile has joined the glance party. Cue streamers!

The glance includes your app’s icon, content, and status. Clicking the glance opens a separate glance panel with more information.

Test your app in Jira Cloud mobile

Maximize your app’s warm welcome into the land of Jira Cloud mobile by testing it first. Connect with us directly by following the steps below.

Follow these 3 steps :

Step 1. Go here and complete the form ; you’ll need to include your Jira Cloud test instance URL . We’ll be in touch via email once we’ve enabled your instance. (Please allow approximately 2 business days.)

Step 2. Test how your app’s content appears as a glance, including the separate glance panel (if it has one). Make sure you’ve read these technical specifications .

If you experience any problems , let us know via jira-cloud-native@atlassian.com with subject line ‘Jira app glance test’.

Step 3. When you’re finished testing your app as a glance, let us know by replying to the email we sent you. We’ll enable your app, and it’ll appear as a glance in Jira Cloud mobile for users around the globe.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask them in this topic. Our team is keeping an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:

Original blog post - https://blog.developer.atlassian.com/want-to-see-your-app-in-jira-cloud-mobile-glances-have-arrived/


This is awesome. Do we need to opt-in even if we’ve already done the cloud EAP stuff?


Tech spec link is correct in the blog post: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/developing-apps-for-jira-cloud-mobile


Most excellent news. A question regarding the Guidelines for glances (I’m not familiar with nowadays mobile app development requirements/constraints):

  • Avoid using external web links, except for links to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This will optimize your glance’s performance.
  • If you’d like to promote your app, include direct links to Apple App Store or Google Play Store within your glance. Avoid using intermediary products, such as branch.io.

Do I read this correctly that the expectation is further details regarding a glance’s subject would only be communicated via a dedicated app rather than deep links to a vendor’s SaaS product, even if the latter would have a mobile friendly web version?

Also, ‘avoid’ seems to suggest this to be a performance optimization only, so would external web links still be technically valid as such?

As an example, consider a use case where the glance would show the dynamic status of resources in a SaaS product, and usually that’s all a user might need, but sometimes navigating to the resource itself for more details would be desirable.


Glad you’re excited about the news! On external links, this was meant to be about links outside of the context of your apps use case, so as not to distract the user from the task they would want to do with your app.

The use case you described is perfectly fine and encouraged.

The context of this was, we were finding some partners wanted to cross-sell/flow into their own apps from the Jira app and to do this, they were including a link to a page in their website which just has links to the play store and the app store. This can be a distraction for users from the task they were trying to do. We still want to encourage cross flow if it will improve the user experience, that’s why we included the section about promoting your app, to try to make it a more seamless experience.

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