We can't keep track of which cloud instance is used for what

Every now and then Atlassian starts a new marketplace partner program or creates a new cloud instance list and then asks us to register our cloud instances in that.


  • Instances used for Dev First Program
  • Instances used for Developer Canary Program
  • Instances used for development so they can be excluded from availability metrics, etc.

We, as a Platinum Marketplace Partner, are having a hard time tracking these. Which cloud instances were registered for which programs?

To make things worse, Atlassian, quite often, renames these programs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a section in the Developer Console where we can see all these programs/lists (with their old and current names) and see which instances were registered for which?

Begin able to add/remove instances directly from the developer console would be very useful but even just seeing the list will make a huge difference.

Fellow Partners !!! Is anyone else feeling this pain?

Please share your feedback.