Webhook and callbackURL

Hey guys! We had an automation with the boards. It worked like this:
A card is moved from list A to list B → an email is sent to a client. We’ve put together the code for the automation in a php file on our server and we used a callbackurl (web hook) to make Trello and the file on our server talk.

The authorisation and the web hook was set by a former employee with his Trello account. Now, I need to set it with mine. However, I’m not sure how to set the API and the webhook. More specifically, where in Trello I need to add the callbackURL.

I’ve read the docs here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/guides/rest-api/api-introduction/

I’ve made a Server Token, but still can’t figure out where in Trello should I add the callbackURL.

Would really appreciate your support on this.


There isn’t a UI for creating a webhook in Trello - it must be done via an HTTP POST request.

I’d recommend checking out the following guide for reference on how to create webhooks: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/guides/rest-api/webhooks/

@StanimirNenov, I’ve created a UI manager here if you’re interested. :slight_smile: