"We're sad to see you go" message scares people because it says, "all Foo App data will be deleted immediately"

We have a customer who opened a case with us because when they tried to delete our app this Confluence message frightened them:

The scary part is “all ‘Copy Page Tree Cloud’ data will be deleted immediately”. For our app, that is not true. In addition, we probably wouldn’t use language like “If you choose to reactivate… the price may change from what you are paying today…”.

I’m new to the team I’m working on but I’m told this issue has been raised with Atlassian before (vendors want to customize this message for their app(s)).

If there is an existing issue in Jira can someone throw a link in here? If not, can we get some action on it? I think that it causes a negative experience for customers who are already going down a path we’d prefer they don’t go down. It not only causes support cases for us, it decreases the chances of getting them back if they are leaving (imo).