What about new cloud idetifiers

On July 2021 new Cloud identifiers was introduced (Introducing New Cloud Identifiers and Introduction of new install payload fields as part of SEN replacement). Yet official documentation on Lifecycle HTTP request payload doesn’t specify any of new identifiers. What is the current situation with this identifiers?

Hi @SergeiAfanasev,

Good question. There has been a further announcement on this which can be found here: Changes to SEN availability in Connect app install payload

This is the key answer to your question:

We had intended to add these new fields to the install payload but we have now decided to remove these fields from the install payload altogether.

Feel free to drop a message there for any questions.

The documentation will be updated when the values will be removed from the payload.


And what about CloudId identifier? The link you’ve provided doesn’t say anything about it.

Hi @SergeiAfanasev ,

When following the link to the previous announcement (Introducing New Cloud Identifiers), I can see that the identifier that the team was referring to was the CloudID and the EntitlementID.
With the latest update, the SEN value will still be used (see the supportEntitlementNumber in the example) and the license endpoint will also return the entitlementId.

The main change from the previous post is that CloudID will not replace the SEN.

Does this make sense?


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Does this mean that CloudId will not be used at all? Or it will remain in installation payload?

@SergeiAfanasev the CloudID will not be provided.

You can also refer to https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/connect-app-descriptor/#lifecycle-http-request-payload for the installation payload fields.


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@ccurti The link you’ve wrote doesn’t say anything about cloudID. And that is bad since you are saying that this field will be provided. I hope you’ll fix documentation.
Thanks for the answer.

@SergeiAfanasev What I meant is that the cloudID field will not be provided.

I’ll update my earlier comment to make it clearer.