What capabilities would you need to extend the rich text editor in Jira Cloud?

Hey peeps! My name is Ethan and I’m a Product Manager (PM) working on the cloud editor, with a particular focus on extensibility.

Over the years, our team has made efforts to build towards a consistent, familiar, and performant editing experience in all our cloud products. One of the next steps my team and I hope to take in realising this vision is to unlock the same level of extensibility for our partners to enhance the rich text editor in our cloud products, beyond just Confluence today.

As a first step, I am looking to gauge interest from partners who are keen to develop apps extending the rich text editor in Jira Cloud products, powered by Forge.

For customers , this would provide a richer way to create & format content in the issue description and comments.

For you as partners , this would provide:

  1. Another surface for you to deliver your apps through.
  2. An expanded number of MAU to sell to.
  3. More in-editor use cases to solve for.
  4. The ability to build and maintain an app once, and sell it in more than one product.

:exclamation: Highly encourage y’all to have your say in this short survey linked here , and share your thoughts with the wider community in the thread below.

Help us help you build a more awesome editing experience for our customers across our cloud products!


Great! Could you check the survey permissions? I can’t open it

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Gah thanks for spotting this! :man_facepalming: The permissions should be updated now!