What do you think about new labels ("Spotlight", "Bestseller"...)?

I wanted to share my feedback about the new labels that replaced “StaffPick” and I very curious if anyone shares my opinion.

Imho, “Bestseller” label looks so much better than “Spotlight” because it’s green (more attention and better from phycological perspective) and it says Bestseller. it’s not really clear what Spotlight means unless you read the docs (App Featuring on Marketplace )
I mean, people who are not that familiar with this labelling system (or Atlassian overall) might not know that apps in the Spotlight are the best.
(To be honest, even “Rising star” sounds better).
Would be possible to make it gold-colour… or add a star? Or even reconsider the name?

Moreover, we have seen a drop in traffic on this badge sitting next to a Bestseller one (I mean after we got the Spotlight but or competitor remained Bestseller). I’d assume you have more available data about this. I think it’s important for marketplace team to know the effect of these badges themselves for a UX they intended.

What do you think?


Question: is the Bestseller badge based on number of installs or total number of users?

I suspect the former, as one of our competitors has the badge, yet when using Remie’s super-useful https://builtwithconnect.com site, our app has slightly fewer installs yet nearly twice the total number of users.

The assumption is that our customers on average are larger instances than our competitors (and by extrapolation, our total revenue is higher).

Not entirely sure that means that our competitor is a “Bestseller” and we are not?

(This also doesn’t factor in that we’re Cloud Security participants, and a Silver tier partner).

Seems like the criteria for Bestseller could be better.

Yeah, the criteria is here:

As far as I understand it’s, actually, sales numbers. Ratings & installs are in the “additional criteria”.

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