What exactly is a demonstration license?

For the first time in our life as an app vendor, we have seen that a free license of type ‘DEMONSTRATION’ has been issued for a customer. I don’t seem to be able to find information about these types of licenses. The page on App discount programs does not mention a demonstration license type, and searching the site did not bring up relevant matches.

I’d like to know who can get such a demonstration license, and what are their prerequisites and restrictions? And eventually, where is it documented?

The apps in question are Data Center apps.


It’s mentioned here.
Solution Partners can request it from Atlassian once a year for customer demo purposes.

The description says “it’s intended to license a semi-permanent, non-customer specific, product demonstration environment.”


Thank you!

Realizing that the post is from 2017, I’d definitely suggest that it’s about time that Atlassian updates their official documentation accordingly. We have been asked for demonstration licenses in the past, and, not finding anything like this in the docs, unfortunately answered that there’s no such thing. :frowning: