What's happening to the Top Vendor program?

I have applied to the Top Vendor program on 18 Feb and received an email with a link to the JSD request to track my application. The email says

Your application is pending review, and you can expect an update in 3-5 business days

Unfortunately, until today I have not received any updates on this and the JSD request is also not visible.

Does anyone know if one month waiting period is normal or what’s causing the delays in Top Vendor approvals? Some insight here would be very much appreciated.



There is also a tab in your vendor profile in Atlassian Marketplace about „Top Vendort Program“ (next to „Payment Info“ and „Promotions“)

Hi @Holger, thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, that’s not showing any more info… :thinking:

@mike-scriptlover @pvandevoorde do you know anything about this or can you forward this to anyone who could give some insights on what’s going here. Thanks!

Hey @tbinna,

with the changes that happened just before Atlassian Summit (Laura leaving Atlassian) + Atlassian Summit itself we haven’t been able to keep up.

I’ll forward this to the right people.


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:+1: Thank you @pvandevoorde!

Hey @tbinna - can you share the ticket number for your Top Vendor submission, I’m having trouble tracking it down.


Hey @chparker the ticket number was AMKTHELP-14998

Thanks for looking into this.


I have applied for Top Vendor program on July 22, although I did not receive any confirmation email at all. Checking my active tickets I see that there is one created for this request - AMKTHELP-17698. However, there hasn’t been any progress with this so far. Can anyone from Atlassian confirm that this did not fall into black hole and is progressing as it should and this wait time is normal?

@pvandevoorde @chparker

Hey @RaimisJ,

We monitor, and action, the Top Vendor approval queue once a week. However, as we currently have large throughput in all categories, (Support requests, App approvals, Cloud Security Program, Free License etc) we have a lot of requests to process. As of right now, there are currently twenty-one Top Vendor requests, including re-approvals and first-time submissions, that are waiting to be actioned. Based on this, and your current position in the queue, we should have actioned and processed your request by next week.

Also, the absence of an email notification would have been caused by the following issue which has been subsequently fixed:


Please let us know if you have any further queries or concerns.



Thank you for looking into this @chparker, your answer is really helpful.

@chparker Hi, we applied for a top vendor in early June, which is more than a month and a half earlier than that of Mr. above)

Hey @CalendarJIRA - you are number 3 in the queue, yours will also be processed this week.



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