What's the latest status on the atlassian-connect JS v5 rollout?

From what I can tell, the rollout was halted due to some bugs at 25% of instances at the beginning of March. What’s the status of this rollout? When is it going to be complete?

Reason I ask is that we’re having an iframe resize bug (iframe contents continually jumping with scrollbar popping in and out) affecting some customers, that exists in production (AP._version = 3.2.13) but doesn’t seem to exist in our dev instance (AP._version = 5.0.0-beta.41).


Amen. This is related to my poorly-named topic, “Atlassian Connect 1.2 (beta)”. I too have seen the resizing jitters, but also in our 5.0.0-beta.41 instance; they seem to be related to dropdown lists in our case.

Hi there,

We currently have the feature being served to 85% of Confluence customers and 55% of JIRA customers. We are waiting for ACJS-545 to be released to production before increasing the JIRA roll-out. We expect the roll-out to be finished this week.




@mstaas I think I’m having a customer that’s seeing a JS error due to the new AC js version.

They are getting:

    at Function.defineProperty (<anonymous>)
    at all.js:1
    at all.js:1
(anonymous) @ all.js:1
(anonymous) @ all.js:1
automationlist.pack.js:4 Error loading project (ADP): TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of undefined
    at https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:1:11926
    at i (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:1:11730)
    at Object.loadProject (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/automationlist.pack.js:4:3543)
    at https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/automationlist.pack.js:4:13341
    at o (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:8:3398)
    at Generator._invoke (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:8:4803)
    at Generator.e.(anonymous function) [as next] (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:8:3577)
    at r (https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/automationlist.pack.js:4:4271)
    at https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/automationlist.pack.js:4:4418
    at https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/automationlist.pack.js:4:4215
l @ automationlist.pack.js:4```

At https://d283vu6e5qi87p.cloudfront.net/automation/prod/1-0-215-1490260165020/1490260165020/js/commons.pack.js:1:11926 is this bit of code: `AP.require("request"`

so `Cannot read property 'require' of undefined ` is referring to `AP`.  In any case I'm pretty sure this error shouldn't be happening:
```all.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Object.defineProperty called on non-object
    at Function.defineProperty (<anonymous>)
    at all.js:1
    at all.js:1```

I'll raise a bug in ACJS.

Actually nevermind - looks like this is a tenant which had it’s data imported from another instance. all.js is being served by the other instance :(.

… sooo… @mstaas … how’s it going?

We’re currently at 100% for Confluence minus a few instances affected by CE-982. JIRA is still at 55% as the release of Connect 1.2.36 which resolves ACJS-545 has taken longer than expected, it should be rolled out tomorrow. Once 1.2.36 has finished rolling out we will resume incrementing the size of the JIRA ACJS v5 cohort.



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We’re still seeing a steady steam of reports affected by CE-982. It cannot be at 100% deployment “minus a few”. What is the real % please?

Hi again, @mstaas, I’d really like to get my testing instance upgraded to ACJS v5; that would allow me to test while we wait for the roll-out to complete. Is that something that I could ask of you?

@david.pinn That would be fine, I’ll need the instance host name to do that.


Thanks Michael. I’ve sent you the host name in a private message.

Hi everyone. The current status of the rollout is now 100% for both JIRA and Confluence. However we intend to maintain the option to rollback for a short period, in case any more serious issues are uncovered. We will update here when it is safe to completely remove any V3 specific code you may have.

Hi all,
Just confirming that all V3 code has now been removed from JIRA and Confluence. It is safe to remove any V3 specific code you may have in your addons.

Hi @dboyd,
some of my customers started reporting issues with the Cloud Add-Ons (sidebar section stopped working for a few Add-Ons of a customer — not just mine) today.

Is there anything that should be checked (on the Add-On side) due to this rollout?