What's the state of the GraphQL API for Jira

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excited to see the GraphQL API! I’ve been going through the docs and tried some things in the API Explorer. For me, some of the example queries did not work, do I need to enable something or set additional permissions to use it with Jira? I haven’t found anything in the docs about it.

Before firing off an additional ton of questions, I’d like to ask what the current state of Jira in GraphQL is. I’ve seen many features still in beta. Would you advise using the GraphQL Jira API production or rather sticking with the REST API for the time being?

Is there a roadmap somewhere?

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I can’t speak to roadmap but the current state is Jira is not available to GraphQL, only Confluence and the early stage product Compass. That leaves only the REST API for now.

That’s too bad, thanks for the quick reply, though.

The docs are quite misleading on that, though. The GraphQL API start page lists examples for querying Jira objects and Jira types are included in the schema as per the API explorer, see screenshot for an example. There are many more occurrences.

That said, I’d love to see Jira support in the GraphQL API!

The docs also speak about Bitbucket…

Also I asked the same question few months ago - how does the algorithm on who to answer is working ? did I miss some tags ?

To add some more color to Ians answer. The Jira team is starting to produce graphql API. This is why it shows up in docs and in introspection.

However right now it’s

  • in @Beta
  • only available to web sessions calls
    • not available 3d party oauth calls or connect calls

It is slowly being adopted by the Jira Front End team to power issue experiences.

I also cant speak to the exact Jira graphql API roadmap, but as an API guy, I too would love to see Jira support in the GraphQL API! For everyone.


can I get GraphQL errors in a Jira Forge Custom UI app because of this?

It’s started today, it occurs randomly when we try to modify our storage.