When silence and inaction kills

Dear Dev Community and Atlassian,

I’m Vasiliy from Broken Build - a small company from Ukraine. I know this post might be blocked because some formal rules are broken, but I still want to share some of our plans for our clients from Russia.

9 years ago I started my small business - developing plugins for Atlassian Jira. It was in my plans and dreams that my ideas, implemented in products, help teams, and companies work more conveniently, easier, faster, and provide new opportunities. Today I can say that the adventure was a success, there are many clients and they are all over the world, including in Russia.

February 24, 2022 was one of the few days when I did not work at all. There were supposed to be a couple of calls with clients from Australia and the US. I missed them because I was a little busy, like millions of my compatriots, for whom this day will go down in history, which we will tell our grandchildren, and they will tell theirs.

The War then the War on all fronts, we did not start it, but we will respond in full, so that every Russian, physical and legal, feels that he is responsible for those whom he chose to lead his country.

Today I did not work, but tomorrow I will have many tasks on my front for RUSSIAN CLIENTS, the list is not complete and is supplemented:

  • block access to your products at the service level for customers from Russia
  • block technical support for customers from Russia
  • ask Atlassian to revoke existing licenses and prohibit the sale of new licenses for customers from Russia

Have a great Friday and weekend!



+1 on speaking up. It is the right response. The UN Secretary General said it well “We need peace
Stay safe Vasiliy!
Best, Ulrich


We are only a small team in the ecosystem, but we are ready to support shared initiatives in this sense. I would also like to hear the opinion of other vendors and from Atlassian.

A big hug Vasiliy, stay safe.


Many of us in the U.S. are praying for you and your country Vasiliy.


I know this is a very small contribution, but what we can also consider is 100% discounts for any Ukrainian customers that we have if we are a non-Ukrainian partner ourselves. I’m sure saved money will be spent well by them.


Thank you very much to all of you for your warm words of support of Ukraine!


Yes, this.
I’ve just posted a public post that calls on Atlassian to make a public response, they are far too quiet.


We are creators of S/Notify Email Encryption, an app that encrypts email for Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket. We think this might be a useful app under the current circumstances, and we are willing to provide 100% discounts to any Ukrainian company.