When will Forge Custom field work also for Team managed projects?

In the Atlassian dev docs - Jira custom field(beta) it says that:

This module can only be used in Jira company-managed projects.

Two questions

  1. When is a custom field available for team-managed projects? I didn’t find anything about this through the Forge roadmap.
    I would rather not explain to customers: ‘the custom field you have been asking for is only available in company-managed projects for the time being.’

  2. When is “Custom_field” out of beta, and what is missing? Support for company- and team-managed projects, maybe?

Hi @bjornbrynjar! Thank you for the interest in using Forge in Jira as well as your feedback.

Custom Field has been the biggest Forge module in Jira and since we introduced it the team in Atlassian has been constantly working on introducing it to different parts of Jira and improving it in existing places. Recently we’ve been focusing on the create issue view and last month we introduced the module to the new issue view.

There are many places in Jira where this module isn’t supported yet. We definitely want to invest in Forge Custom Field, which would mean bringing it to new views, types of projects etc. including team-managed projects. This is on our radar, but at this point we can’t tell when you can expect it coming.

Also, moving Forge Custom Field module out of beta is on our radar and we want to invest in it in the nearest future. It’s hard to tell when it’s going to happen, but I would expect that it’s in the upcoming months.

Once again, thank you for sharing your feedback, it helps us a lot in making better decisions when it comes to prioritizing our efforts.


Thanks @sskorc,

On the Forge roadmap, I can see that the custom field team is actively working to improve and bring custom fields to more places - which is excellent!

In particular, my customers having the Jira backlog open need to see a specific custom field at a glance. Not having to open each issue, create or open a Jira query in a separate screen is important.

Here is one thing on the roadmap I know is essential for many:

And to my understanding, you already have this on the roadmap, Custom fields on global issue navigator and boards, which is great.

Regarding support for Custom fields in Team managed projects. In my mind, Team managed projects are the future because they enable autonomous teams to manage their tools independently. There is a lot of value for Atlassian and teams using Jira if we had unified functionality between Company and Team managed projects - especially when it comes to key features such as custom fields.

To explain what I mean, from this example here: Customize cards on Jira server, we are seeing a lot of work put into documentation and support just because of these differences. Furthermore, all partners using custom fields need to write support pages and answer why CustomerField-X is unavailable in my project?

So I would even say it makes sense to prioritise ‘CustomField support for Team managed projects’ - ahead of improvements such as ‘Custom fields on global issue navigator and boards’.

But that’s only my take on this with limted information about other things you need to take into account. At least it would be great to see ‘CustomField support for Team managed projects’ on the Forge roadmap so I can keep track of it and tell my customers you have this planned.

Björn Brynjar

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Once again, thank you for your honest and direct feedback @bjornbrynjar! It’s very important for us, as we want to address Partners’ needs in what we focus on when developing Forge in Jira integration. I can tell you that right now we’re discussing where to focus our efforts WRT Forge Custom Field and your opinion is very valuable. I’ll make sure that we take into account. I’ll also make sure we put support for team managed projects on the public roadmap as soon as we have more precise plans around that!