When will there be an API to delete content?

The API for content deletion is deprecated, but there is no replacement for this in the v2 API. Especially interested in attachment deletion. When will it be available?


Hi @AlexeyMikhaylovStilt - thank you for the feedback! We are working on a new Delete attachment endpoint and will release it as soon as we are able!

As a reminder - for all new V2 feedback let’s start new topics here: Confluence Cloud topics with the rest-api-v2 tag. This will help us keep your feedback and our responses organized!

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Any news on deleting attachments?
Also, will this include the ability to purge the attachments as well? Because currently you are not able to e.g. purge trashed pages with the v2 API.

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Hi @t.bundt - thanks for asking! We are targeting a release in early July which will include the ability to delete attachments.

We currently do not support the ability to purge trashed content in the V2 API. If there is enough of an ask for this, we will be able to prioritize the work!

hi Simon,

I am one of the developers of Script runner for Confluence cloud. Our current upgrade to V2 APIs is blocked as we are not able to purge the deleted(trashed) pages. We would really appreciate a V2 API for this. let me know how can I help to give it a boost

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We need this as well.