Where is the developer documentation for Jira Work Management?

I’d like to learn about:

  1. the new UI locations (so that we can declare our own links, buttons, menus, etc.)

  2. the REST API (specific to JWM)

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At this time, there are no new UI locations available for developers. Nor are there any REST APIs specific to JWM.

OK, thanks.

@aron.gombas out of curiosity, is there something that you’re interested in building for Jira Work Management that goes beyond that’s possible with the existing what’s offered by Jira Cloud APIs? Would be interested in hearing more about your use case as we imagine where any specific ecosystem capabilities should go.

@Anthony We are developing exporter apps for Jira Cloud. We provide an entry point to our functionality from every Jira screen where exporting is a potential need, like Issue Navigator, Issue View, boards, backlogs, whatever. JWM introduces its own screens, that’s why I was asking.

For our purposes there would be absolutely necessary:

  1. Mechanisms to add our own button/links to a JWM screen (i.e. registering those via the Connect JSON descriptor).

  2. The ability to query for the list of the issue in that screen. If user can filter/sort the screen, then we need the filtered/sorted list (they expect to get exactly what see they in the screen). I guess it should be implemented with REST API end-points.

Does that make sense?

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I created an “official” improvement in the Atlassian Connect project:

(I’m not sure if it is in the right location in that project. Adding the UI elements and injecting the context parameters to the URLs are definitely Connect responsibilities, but the REST API is more of a JWM thing. Feel free to split or relocate the issue!)

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If no specific APIs for JWM, it means no options to manage Forms by API calls since it’s new entity?

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a road map for an API for JWM?