Where to get the client-secret from for my forge app?

Hi, Where can i get the client-secret for my forge app?

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @PranjalSrivastava,

The answer is simple: you cannot. Maybe you can say a little more about why you think you need that?

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I plan to have my forge app and another separate application of mine to be able to send and receive rest api calls seamlessly and to authenticate my application with forge using oauth i thought i would need client id and client secret as usual. could you please guide me through this.

@ibuchanan I needed a bit of help for my use case and would want to connect with you if possible. It would be a great help to me. My mailId is pranjal.srivastava@digite.com


I’m not able to do 1:1 communications. What you want to accomplish is provided by a feature still under development. Have a look at:

Some of the milestones mentioned in that RFC have been implemented so your scenario might be possible. Otherwise, please keep explaining how the components need to talk to each other.


Thanks @ibuchanan for the info.