Wishing the app approval process were faster

I’ve found the app approval process to be very slow, which is disappointing.

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Hi Ahub, Forge product lead here! Just wanted to address this immediately as this is not true. We are in fact doubling down on Atlassian ecosystem and Forge, with huge investments to further extend our products and make it easier for developers to build and sell apps. With more and more customers moving to cloud, the demand for customisation and diverse use cases from our customers is more than ever before. We aim to provide more opportunities for partners to build their business on top of Atlassian products. Please tune into Developer Day 2022 to hear more about it. You can always look at Forge public roadmap to get a peek on all the things we are working on and also raise any additional feature requests here.

Please DM me your app details, I will relay the feedback to our internal apps review team.

Forge Product management.


Hi @Ahub Welcome to the developer community, hope you have a long and fruitful stay here. However, I kindly request you to avoid spreading misinformation within the community.

If you could please share your app name or app review ticket number, I would be more than happy to look into it.

Ankur | Marketplace Operations

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I’ll delete the question if you guys want. I acknowledge it was a bit alarmist.

However…neither of you has addressed the core of my complaint, which is that the process for app approval appears to be incredibly slow and delayed. I’ve worked with several other app development programs (Slack, Twilio, Tokbox, Vonage, Microsoft, Apple, Google) and there is a stark contrast between them and this experience. A contrast in the speed of approval, but also in accuracy of the documentation (dev and marketplace docs have errors) and follow-up to reported bugs. If you disagree and feel that this program’s quality is in line with industry standards, and I’m expecting too much, fine, but justify why I’m wrong. Or, alternatively, acknowledge that it IS slow and could be better, and say something to the effect of “we are doing xyz to improve, we take this seriously”, or even “we’re the victim of our success and overwhelmed by the level of interest, and we are working hard to catch up”. Acknowledging that there is a problem (or rebutting the claim), instills more confidence than ignoring it.

Having said the above, the people I’ve met at Atlassian in the past have all been kind, sincere, and intelligent. So I’m pretty sure all of you are working earnestly on making this program great. But as app developers, we take a leap of faith that we are investing in a program and partnership that will be robust for the long term. When we see signals that call that into question, it makes us nervous.