Worklogs: Webhook or other such event?

We have a need to let an external system know if a Worklog has been added, edited or deleted. I know we can achieve that via an Automation within the instance - that works very well. But we need to add the Automation (or other equivalent mechanism) via a Forge app that we’re building. Ideally, when the app is installed, it should set up the Automation/Webhook/Other mechanism. With Forge, I don’t see a way to add what’s called an “Automation” inside Jira. I assume the Webhook is the equivalent. But there’s no Webhook event for Worklog operations. I don’t see Worklog-related events for Triggers either. And I see a similar question asked back in January, with a “Not right now” response. Does this mean there’s still no way to programmatically add a way to send Worklog-related info to another system? Or am I missing something here?

Can you link to that? Want to reference it when asking more about this internally. :slight_smile:

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Sure, here’s that conversation from earlier this year.



Unfortunately, the answer is still “not yet.” And I haven’t landed on a concrete answer to “so when?” I’d expect a card to land on Trello when it is prioritized and solidly in a backlog.