504 Gateway Timeout

Hi there

I am aware of the interuptions this morning as mentioned on https://status.atlassian.com/

But we are still getting a 504 Gateway Timeout on API calls done from our Connect App to Jira via the REST API.

Please advise what the issue is and timeline on resolvement? Anyone else getting this?

Thank you


I was at online customer meeting today and on this meeting Jira Cloud was down and no any error massage. Just a blank page appeared.

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Thanks for the response. Yeah, it seems that is resolved, @matti.kiviharju (from the front end / UI side)

This issue is relating to REST API calls made to the Jira API via the Connect App.

Anyone got any feedback or idea on why this is an issue that is still persisting? This is affecting a production integration (work logs, custom timesheets, customfields , etc)

Please advise urgently?



Any updates on this?