Access to Atlassian Application Source Code

Like many, if not all, vendors we rely on the source code for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo Server/DC to build our apps. The docs are not sufficient and never could be, especially with Atlassian’s focus on cloud. Let me be clear, today we cannot build our apps without access to the source code for server/dc.

We obtain source for Atlassian applications by buying $10 starter licenses for each product, which won’t be an option for us from February 2, 2021. Adaptavist and other vendors I talk to are really concerned that we not be able to continue developing for Data Center and maintaining our Server apps in the same way beyond this time.

I would like to ask Atlassian for a commitment to provide the ecosystem continued access to source code at minimal cost into the future. I’m not quite sure who to bring this to the attention of so a bat signal goes to @JohnAgan and @jlau2!


Hi @jmort. We are committed to continue providing developer access to the server/on-prem source code, and licenses for that matter, into the future. We’re actively exploring/working toward a solution/processes, both for the immediate term and long term. We’ll share more details over the next couple of weeks.


Thanks @nmansilla that is reassuring!

I hope they are including “datacenter edition” when they talk about “server/on-prem” …

If you haven’t seen the announcement yet re: server licenses post Feb 2, please read: How to obtain server starter licenses after February 2, 2021