Atlas Camp Content Survey

We’d like to invite you to fill out the following survey. We’d like to know what you want to see at Atlas Camp this year. Our goal is to fill our agenda with talks you want to see.

This isn’t a call for speakers, these talks don’t have to exist, you don’t need to provide a speaker to deliver this content.

All we want to know is what will make Atlas Camp exceed your expectations. What are you looking to get out of Atlas Camp this year?

Please fill this survey out as many times as you like, but please keep each submission to one talk topic. Please also consider leaving your name and email at the end so that we can follow up on your talk if we have further questions.

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Bumping this up. We have six responses right now but looking for more. There are currently some good things in there.

Interesting was these talk submissions:

  • Couple suggestions on testing, best practices and/or performance - I found this one personally interesting. I’ve started to incorporate more unit testing into my sample apps I’m writing but integration tests I’d like to learn more about especially with our development environment for Cloud.
  • The Atlassian app developer of the future - this is interesting too what is our 3-5 year vision. Where do we want to take app development and what do you need to know. That definitely an interesting talk for an Atlassian to give.

Do you disagree with these ideas? Did these ideas spawn new ideas? Good, share with us what interests you.

Another day, another bump. We doubled our number of ideas submitted yesterday. We’re at 12. Thank you so much. But if you know me I am a greedy person and I am not satisfied with only 12 :hear_no_evil:

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I again am going to share some of the interesting ideas that came in yesterday to again spawn more ideas:

  • Best practices in cloud app setup - best practices for nodejs, how to scale and make reliable. This is something that we’ve also seen other ideas around, best practices/recommendations on operationalizing your app after development.
  • Developing a performant app - related to above but might be a separate kind of talk. Developing, building out infrastructure with performance in mind.
  • Not in the documentation - what are devs doing or know to do that aren’t documented. This is less interesting to me because I want it all to be in the docs but I want to know more about what you’re doing that’s not in the docs so that we can put it in the docs. By the way as a reminder if you are doing something that’s not in the docs and think that it should be hit that “Improve this page” link and submit a PR to add it into the docs. Let me know if you need help, that why we built that functionality.
  • Faster feedback loop - making app development faster and more enjoyable.

Do you disagree with these ideas? Did these ideas spawn new ideas?


Please share your ideas with us.

Also do one of these ideas resonate with you? Do you think you could give that talk?

Call for speakers is open for Atlas Camp until June 1st

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Hey, it’s Friday!


Don’t forget to add your ideas to our Atlas Camp survey before the weekend starts and you forget that great idea you had.

Do one of these suggestions that I’m sharing sound like something you would like to speak on? Submit it to our call for speakers.


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