Here are some suggested topics to help you submit to speak at Atlas Camp

Atlas Camp is Atlassian’s developer conference where the Atlassian developer ecosystem and community come together to learn, inspire, and grow. This year’s event is back in Barcelona, Spain for the third time (the Paella is just so good). Atlas Camp immediately follows Summit Europe and will be held on 6 - 7 September 2018 at the Hotel Porta Fira.

In case you haven’t heard you can submit a proposal to speak up until 1 June 2018 23:59 UTC+1.

We’re committed to delivering amazing content

This year we are striving to make the content for Atlas Camp the best ever. Here’s what we’re doing:

  1. We ran a survey on the Developer Community last month asking what you want you wanted to see at Atlas Camp. We’ve used that outcome of the survey to inspire our content direction.
  2. In March, at App Week Key Largo, we asked developers what they want to see. Additionally, we held an open session about Atlas Camp to share behind the scenes insights into how we make decisions. That session produced a lot of great feedback.
  3. For the first time, we are including members of the developer ecosystem to advise us on the program for Atlas Camp. Dan Hardiker of Adaptivist and Daniel Wester of Wittified are on the program committee for Atlas Camp.
  4. Each track lead has come up with topic suggestions for their track. This was a great exercise in starting to shape their track. They took this list of topics and ran them through the program committee. Their feedback was invaluable in understanding what topics are important and which are not.

Atlas Camp program committee reviewing the suggested topic list from track leads on 15 May.

I want to speak but I don’t know what to submit

You’re in luck, we’ve put together a list of suggested topics that we feel that would be amazing at Atlas Camp. We wanted to share this list to help you with topics to submit to speak on. Check out the Atlas Camp 2018 topic considerations Trello board with suggested topics in each track.


Use the Trello board to see what the track leads are looking for. These are the topics that they are hoping to see when they start reviewing the talk submissions. We’re hoping to inspire you to create a talk that allows you to share your knowledge with the rest of the developer ecosystem.

You’ll notice that there are many talks that only Atlassian can give. For instance, most of the sessions in the Atlassian Platform for Developers track should be about features and APIs available from Atlassian. We are openly sharing these topics so that you can consider the program as a whole when creating your

Please keep in mind that this topic list is NOT a schedule or even the final list of topics. We’ll determine that in June based on all of your talk submissions. So now is the time to submit your talk for consideration to speak in Barcelona in September.

OK, I submitted, now what happens

Awesome, thank you for taking the time to submit. In early June, the program committee will meet with the individual track leads to select the talks for each track. This process will go on for a couple of weeks.

Towards the end of June, we’ll send out acceptance emails to the selected speakers. If your talk is accepted we’ll provide you with a free ticket to Atlas Camp. A week after acceptance emails go out we’ll let the rest of the speakers know that their submission was not accepted.

You’ll then work directly with the appropriate track lead in creating your content, slides, and rehearse your talk.

Even if I don’t speak I’m still attending

Great! Don’t forget to get your Atlas Camp ticket before the early bird rate expires on 1 June. If you’re only able to attend and weren’t selected to speak (or you are not going to submit) you should still review the Trello board. You can use the board to display the value you’d gain in attending Atlas Camp to your manager. Remember you can save €100 by buying your early bird rate ticket by 1st June.

OK you convinced me

Head on over to the Atlas Camp site to submit your talk or to get your ticket. We hope to see everyone in Barcelona in September.


We’re down to the last day. Final call on talk submissions for Atlas Camp. What are you going to present to the Atlassian Ecosystem?