Atlas Camp is back and the agenda is better than ever

I’m excited to share with all of you the agenda for this year’s Atlas Camp. I think this will be a great event and I think you’ll really love the content this year.

Here’s why I think that. This year we went about picking our content a little differently. We made sure to include feedback from all of you as well as include developers in the ecosystem as part of the selection committee (@daniel and @dan) .

You may have noticed earlier this year we ran a survey for the kind of content you were looking to see at Atlas Camp. We learned a lot from that survey, you want to see more on testing.

Next, we created a schedule of talks we think you would want to see and shared that with our external program committee to gauge interest and to help guide us in the right direction. We came up with a schedule of suggested talks and we shared that with all of you a few weeks before the speaker proposal deadline. This helped shape a number of talks to be submitted that we were looking for.

We then graded all the talks that were submitted, this time allowing the external program committee to grade as well (a first for Atlas Camp). We held a selection committee for each track again including the external program committee.

At the end of this process, we were proud of the agenda we created and loved hearing from ecosystem developers how excited they are about this year’s conference.

But that wasn’t all. As you’ll read in the blog post we are trying something new this year called the firepit. We basically handed this over to the external program committee and asked them for the themes they wanted to talk about. We made sure we would have Atlassian’s able to attend each one that was a subject matter expert and could contribute to the discussion positively.

Our 1:1 appointments (now called DEVHELP Live) aren’t going away but I think we’ve improved upon the process a bit and hopefully you’ll get more out of it before, during and after Atlas Camp.

Head on over to the Developer Blog to learn more about the content we’ll be offering this year.

We’d love to hear your feedback as well.


Looking forward to it Ralph, thank you!


Many talks listed I’m keen to absorb, such that I think I’ll have a post Atlas Camp backlog to work through. Thanks Ralph!


This is looking great! I’m going to have to convince some people to fly the rest of our team to Barcelona.


Can’t wait to join the Atlas camp for the first time :slight_smile:


Great! Any idea if and where Atlas Camp will take place in 2020 in EU?

Hi Johannes, the next AtlasCamp is planned in Vienna this September - you might wanna check it out here: