Atlassian Developer Changelog RSS Feed ordered incorrectly

It seems we don’t get notified in Slack for all changes coming through the Atlassian Developer Changelog RSS Feed.

This could be because the order of changelog entries is different in the RSS Feed than it is when viewing the changelog page.

As an example, the first entry for Feb 15 is “Sales of new server apps will end today, Feb 15, 2023” on the feed while it is “Marketplace Reporting Deprecation Notice: v1 APIs” on the page (which we didn’t get notified about). Slack probably only checks if the first <item> has changed and doesn’t send updates if there are no new items on top of the RSS Feed.

Please make sure the order is the same in the RSS Feed and any new items are sorted to the top of the feed, so we can rely on the feed instead of having to check the page manually every day. Thanks!

@mventnor highlighting you since you did the original announcement of the combined Atlassian Developer Changelog.


Hi @BenRomberg ,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created an internal ticket to looking into what’s going on. One of our team members will get back to you with the results.


Hi @BenRomberg ,

The different ordering for the RSS feeds is intentional, and you were spot on in guessing the reason. Slack only looks for any new items at the top of the feed.

In the changelog page itself, we order under the same date by the type of changelog entry. But in the RSS feed, we always put the newest items at the top to ensure (the more naive) feed readers don’t miss any items.


However, given that with the current behaviour, you are still missing items, we will have to investigate further as to what Slack is doing and why items are still not appearing.

@mventnor thanks for investigating! Still odd that the page and the feed have different orderings.

The latest update “Lowered Connect scope required to access the bulk get groups API” was missing once again.

I have now created a dedicated Slack channel just for this RSS feed and will let you know if I find out a pattern which updates are missing.

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Hi @BenRomberg , we have deployed a potential fix, please keep an eye out and let us know if you still see this issue.


@mventnor thank you so much, will definitely let you know if we’re still observing issues :slight_smile:

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Based on the changelog items added on March 17, and what I see in the Slack RSS app, I’m confident in calling this issue fixed. @BenRomberg and others, please let me know if you continue seeing issues.

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Hey @mventnor thanks for the follow-up!

I can confirm that all changelog entries since Feb 27 have been posted to our Slack channels, except for this one:

Also, for some entries, the dates vary quite a bit. This one has March 17 as its date on the changelog page, but was posted on March 20 on Slack: - not a blocker though, maybe it was published at a different date or it’s due to how Slack is checking for changes.

Thanks for your efforts, it has clearly improved already!

Hey @mventnor, we have observed the Slack RSS Feed for some time now and have consistently missed some updates in our Slack channels, some of them critical. Within the last week alone, we had at least these:

Note that we’re watching all changes, without any filters, from and the feed URL used doesn’t have any parameters (ends with ?). It looks like some changes are included when using the components filter, as e.g. CHANGE-1181 is visible in the #marketplace-changelog channel on the TPM Slack.

If you could please investigate once again, especially since the Slack compatibility is highlighted on top of the changelog page. If this cannot be fixed, we need to try again with another RSS Feed solution, but would really like to stay with the Slack integration. Reading and double-checking all changelog entries twice is really not a solution with the vast quantity of changelog entries nowadays.


Thanks @BenRomberg , I’ll continue investigating.