Build your server / Data Center to cloud migration path with the App migration platform - continued

Hi developer community,

We’ve recently announced the release of APIs that will allow you to start building a migration path from server / Data Center to cloud for your app data, or integrate your existing server / Data Center to cloud migration path, with the Cloud Migration Assistants.

We’ve just released the second set of APIs that will allow you to complete step 2 of 3 in our framework - migrating your app data. Check out the docs.

Additional APIs for:

  • Step 3: Post-migration: Configure your cloud app for migration updates (Targeted for Sep 8, 2020)
  • Jira specific migration blocker: Workflow Extensions (post functions, conditions, validators) (Target release date TBC)
  • Jira specific migration friction: Bulk APIs to simplify data import with Entity Properties and Custom Fields have yet to be scheduled. Note: It is possible to migrate Entity Properties and Custom Fields with existing APIs , however we intend to make the process more reliable by providing you with bulk APIs to do so.

Watch the changelog for additional updates.

Getting ready for our customer EAP

We are preparing for customer announcements around our new migration capabilities towards the end of October and would love for your app to be included. Sign up to let us know that you’re ready to start building an app data migration path and participate in our customer EAP.

Marketplace Partners who have committed to building migration paths prior to October 20th will have the opportunity to be included in upcoming marketing campaigns. Examples include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Inclusion in Cloud and Migration presentation tracks
  • Inclusion in customer-facing EAP recruiting materials
  • Inclusion in Atlassian Community features
  • Inclusion in Field and channel enablement material
  • Inclusion in public KB article that is promoted with Solution Partners and Atlassian Field Ops teams

In case you missed it, the next release is out (plus new dates for Jira feature blockers)!

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