Can the Developer Community header get some love?

Back in the days, when Summits still were a thing and @danielwester still had the most read time on here, the Developer Community header linked to both the documentation as well as DEVHELP. But the link to DEVHELP was removed at some point, due to it being refactored. Now, the documentation link floats up there in the middle of the header all by itself.

Ugly, isn’t it? I think you know where I’m going with this. Since I’ve heard a lot of things around DEVHELP improved significantly, could we get back the link up there? And if no, could we at least make the documentation link stick to the right?

Thanks! :heart:



Did someone pay you to post this? Who put you up to it? Was it @rwhitbeck?

I’ve been hacking on a new theme for the Community that spruces the header up a little bit. Screenshot of it here:

I’m hoping to make it a tiny bit dynamic so that new users are directed towards useful resources like How To Ask A Good Question ❓. But also have it stay out of the way of folks who know what they are doing on here already.

I believe I almost have it in a place where I can add it to our site and let you and anyone else interested opt-in to seeing it before we make it a default.

What are the other useful things we should be pointing folks towards?

The Atlassian User Community has a nice little widget that points to upcoming events and useful posts that I like:



Uh oh.


Who put you up to it? Was it @rwhitbeck?

In the meantime, @sven.schatter just cross your eyes and the documentation link looks like it’s aligned to the right. :wink:


Well, technically, yes.

I love it!!!

You know where to find me. I’ll even test it on my phone for you because that’s actually the way I use the Developer Community the most. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some bugs for you. :slight_smile:

You’re right, the CAC showcase thingy is pretty cool. Hmmm… No idea right now, but if something comes to mind I’ll let you know!



I have something for you to try out!

I’ve added the new theme as a selectable option. You can chose it by navigating to:{yourUserName}/preferences/interface

From there, you can select Default - Updated:

I’m not happy with the category headers:

Happy to hear feedback and ideas!


Oh, sweet! On a desktop screen it looks good to me but this is what I get on mobile:

Might want to reduce the font size of the links in the header (Documentation & Most Liked) as well.

Also, not a designer, but I find the greeting text a bit hard to read and the header feels like it takes a bit too much space. The spacing of this feels a little better to me but the greeting text is still not nice. Might need a background box or something:

Great work overall though! :smiley:


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