Cloud license status "expired"

Dear all,

I have just started out on the marketplace and am wondering about the Evaluation Licenses for Cloud.

On one hand when my app is installed, the app manager says that “billing starts automatically after the trial”.

On the other hand I have customers which license status has changed to “expired” after the evaluation period.

Unfortunately I could not find any documentation on this. What does ‘expired’ mean? Will I be paid? Do the customers need to do anything?

Thanks, Markus

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Right. So technically, it is possible to get an app in a state where it is still installed in an instance, but without an active license. For instance, if a user disables the app during evaluation. In that case, the evaluation runs its course and it will be set to Expired in het Atlassian Marketplace (MPAC) reports, without the user actually uninstalling the app.

It get’s even worse, because a user can then enable it again but not start a new evaluation. This is why you as a vendor need to add license enforcement in your app, because there are definitely situations in which a customer can still have an active installation in their instance without a valid license.

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Thanks Remie, that clarifies a lot :+1:. I just switched to Atlassian from the Shopify ecossytem and the amount of footwork, friction, vendor tools, … is not really what I expected. :grin:

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Also, when cancelled licenses gets past the expiration date, they are no longer listed as cancelled, but get listed as expired.