How do Marketplace partners get support from Atlassian?

I would like to make this post in reference to a recent discussion on Atlassian App Week Slack with @JohnAgan regarding the various support and information channels and also as a cry for help because Marketplace partner support seems to be broken once more.

We have a customer that has reached out to us in early January because our app did not seem to be working correctly. As a result, I have posted in the dev community to ask for some clarification which led to ACJIRA-2296. For a brief moment, it looked like someone was actually attending the Jira issue before it seemingly got abandoned. Neither the post in the dev community nor ACJIRA-2296 brought any insights until a few days ago the customer replied the following to us:

Atlassian confirmed that this problem is caused by an application that registered the “jiraEntityProperty” module without “keyExtractions” element on our instance which affects multiple applications including Intercom for jira app. They implemented a permanent fix last week to resolve this and webhooks weren’t delivered from the period of December to January.

Again, I have tried to get more insights into this by posting on my previous dev community post. In addition to that, I have cross-posted a link on the Atlassian App Week Slack channel to try to get some information. Clearly, the customer received more information than we did, and no one at Atlassian seems to be bothered to bring us into the loop. This seems particularly surprising because according to the customer’s reply, the root cause of this issue may have affected many more apps than just ours.

Sadly, today we have noticed that Atlassian also conveniently refunded the customer our app subscription fee for the month of December at our cost. If I recall the refund policy correctly, at least at this stage someone from support should have reached out to us to get authorization for this refund (the customer has been using our app since January 2020).

What went wrong here?

  • Clearly someone at Atlassian did investigate this issue and informed the customer. All our attempts to reach out to Atlassian to get involved failed and are still failing.
  • Atlassian is refunding the customer without prior authorization from us. This is not the first time this happens to us and it is rather frustrating in situations like these where we could have intervened. Instead, it is on us to reach out.

Ultimately, I hope that this post helps us to get this issue sorted and Atlassian’s attention to sort out the issues with Marketplace partner support. As a Marketplace partner, I simply do not know where and how to get help from Atlassian and in what timeframe I can expect a response.


Hey @tbinna,

I’m very sorry you experienced all of this :frowning_face:

The Developer Experience team and the Marketplace team spent the morning researching the threads/issues you shared. Fortunately, we have confirmed that you will be paid for December, and while there is a refund on the Marketplace sales transactions, the refund should not appear on your remittance report for January.

Upon reading the threads, we also see multiple areas we could have been better partners for you, so we are addressing those as well - both in Marketplace support and Developer support.

Please continue to use the existing channels for support (excluding Slack - we don’t support there). Both teams are staffing up and improving processes now, so you will see major improvements in the days to come.

Apologies again for the trouble this has caused and thanks for working through this with us.


Thank you for your reply @JohnAgan.

I am very much looking forward to these improvements and hope we can find more efficient ways to collaborate with our customers.

It is also good to see a clear statement regarding the Slack channel because it is now clear to us that we cannot and should not expect to get a response there on issues these.

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