How does the Issue Field Template work?

Hello everyone,

can someone explain to me how the Issue Field Template works and give an example? Unfortunately, I can’t figure it out from the documentation (Issue Field, Issue Field Template).

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as is the case sometimes, I think you’ve hit a buggy part of Jira. That feature doesn’t work in the new issue view. Works in the old one, so if you can get your customers to use the old issue view, that’s great :slight_smile:

Basically, what it does is it can transform your custom field values into links:

template: {
            type: "link",
            url: "browse/{}",

whereas this is the payload to create an option:

    value: this.generateOptionValue(issue),
    properties: {

This is from an example, where we’re adding custom properties to field options that hold the id of the issue the option is related to. What it should do is simply turn it into a clickable link, but as mentioned before, that part doesn’t work…

You can check out some more topics on this issue:

Hope it helps!

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Thank you ChupaCabra, that helped a lot. I thought this feature would be a solution for Is there a way to set the options for multiple issue fields dynamically from an external API?. I have to figure out a different solution :sweat_smile: