How long should a Marketplace Approval take?

I have an application awaiting public approval. It’s been sitting in “New” status for a week. I’ve answered all the questions. How long should this process take?
Ticket: AMKTHELP-41921

My application was approved today. For future reference it took about 10 days.

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Hi @GarvitDixit and @ayarazarvi

We changed the payment model of our app on 2nd of January and still waiting for approval. We did not receive any AMKTHELP ticket created automatically. Could you please check that the ticket is created and it is on your queue?

Thanks @AbhishekUK for letting me know the ticket number AMKTHELP-41905. I resubmitted the app but the ticket status is still in “AWAITING RESUBMISSION”. Could you please let the ticket flow?