How to: Get your apps featured in Atlassian marketing campaigns

Hi all,

Atlassian is looking for better ways to promote your apps directly to our customers, as well as feature apps in upcoming marketing campaigns. As a first step, we’d like to gather a bit more information about your Marketplace apps and any current marketing/promotional activities you’re running.

Please complete this short questionnaire before June 1st, 2018 to be considered for upcoming Atlassian campaigns.

Begin Survey

We ask that you submit a separate form for each of your apps. If you have more than 10 apps and prefer to fill out a blank spreadsheet instead, please DM me directly and we can work together to make sure your apps are included. For new apps, we’ll include a link to this form in the approval ticket.


UPDATE 7/1/18:
For ongoing requests, please see the submission instructions at the bottom of this page:


Hi all,

Thanks to everybody who has already submitted! As a heads up, we’ll be sending out an email later this week to the vendor community (please disregard it if you’ve already submitted your apps).


Hi Miles
I just wanted to check if I can click through from the first page of the survey to the next pages, and still have the opportunity to go back and review my responses before I submit the form?

On second page you ask for link to high res. company logo as vector format. Advertising agency who made my company logo never deliverd me a vector image of that logo. I have it only in PDF format and high res. PNG image. Can I provide non vector logo as PNG image? I can only try to open this PDF in some vector graphics editor and test can I covert it currently asked format like SVG.

@rachel.trew That shouldn’t be a problem (if you can’t click back, there is an option at the end of the form to go back and review/update your answers).

@matti.kiviharju High res PNG works - The ultimate goal is if we need to scale it we don’t lose quality.

@miles is there any minimum requirements for participants? We recently launched and don’t have a high number of installations

Not at all @george1 - One of the objectives here is to familiarize the Atlassian Marketing team with apps that they may not already know—New apps are a great use case for us to try and highlight to our customers.

As you’re looking to increase your installations, I’d also check out this post below:


Miles, it would be useful to know how Atlassian intends to promote add-ons/apps as part of other campaigns.

Is there any opportunity for vendors to feed into this strategy or suggest ideas?

It seems to me that Atlassian, vendors and users can all benefit from a more targeted and supportive approach to explaining what extra functionality these add-ons can bring.


Hey @martinfarley,

Right now we’re just in information gathering mode. The goal is to improve app discovery across campaigns, documentation, onboarding, etc.

There’s definitely an opportunity to provide feedback/suggestions. I’ll shoot you a DM.


Hi @miles,

I noticed that I missed your deadline for the apps survey :disappointed:
I just completed the form for our Apps, it would be great if you can still take them into account.


No problem @david3 - we’re still in data collection mode. Appreciate the response.


Hi Miles,
I would like to learn more a broader scope of this initiative, plans and discuss how potentially we can contribute also.

Good suggestion by @martinfarley

hi @miles,
I just completed the form with our Apps. Are you still collect the data?


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Hi @mantadakise - Definitely. I plan to review this list ~1/qtr to catch any new apps that were added (happy to pull yours in now). For new apps on Marketplace, there is also a separate survey attached to the approval which we encourage vendors to fill out.

This information will be shared with the broader Atlassian marketing teams to enable them to quickly search/filter/learn about apps in the Marketplace for their campaigns, but I also encourage all vendors to review the different channels (Community, Blog, etc) that are available for you to engage with:

Marketing your apps in 2018
How to contribute content to the Atlassian blog
Atlassian Community - This is probably the easiest place to distribute content, get feedback, and engage Atlassian customers


Is this still going one? Can we still submit Apps?

Hey @eagle.xiao, yup although the processed has formalized a bit, see below!

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