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Happy new year Atlassian Developer Community!

My name is Miles, and I recently joined the Atlassian ecosystem team to help focus on how we market your apps to customers and improve awareness and discoverability of all apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. It’s my goal to support the phenomenal products and businesses you’ve built on Atlassian’s ecosystem.

As your teams gear up for a successful 2018, I wanted to highlight a few of the best ways to reach Atlassian customers directly to better support your marketing initiatives and increase adoption of your apps:

Atlassian User Community Articles
We’ve been working with our user community team to better empower our Marketplace vendors to share content and engage with customers directly on the platform. As such, we’ve recently released new functionality that allows Marketplace vendors and developers to share content and articles directly to customers (the ability to write articles was previously limited to Atlassian staff and designated customer champions).

If you’re interested in sharing your technical and teamwork thought leadership content, articles, tips, and especially success stories about happy customers who want to rave about your apps to the Atlassian User Community, click the link below to review our Marketplace vendor guidelines and request article-writing permissions.

Contribute to the Atlassian Blog
We’re always looking for practical, tangible, hands-on advice to share with our blog readers about relevant industry topics or Atlassian products. Interested in sharing your best practices, tips and how-tos, or leading perspectives on industry trends? The Atlassian Blog is a great channel to get in front of Atlassian customers.

For more information, check out the article below for tips and submission guidelines:

Merchandising collections, Staff picks, and featured apps
We’re constantly working to improve the discoverability and visibility of your apps. As such, we’ve introduced solution-focused app collections pages to help customers solve problems and customize their Atlassian products. A few examples include our new design tools, DevOps, and IT service management pages (all current collections can be viewed in the footer of the Marketplace homepage).
Featured apps and Staff picks from vendors will be considered based on the following factors:

  • Paid via Atlassian app or business development partnership
  • Must be Supported app
  • Strong number of installs compared to cohort in category
  • Strong overall rating compared to cohort in category
  • Vendor builds and supports cloud apps
  • Vendor has established track record of success with customers

If you think your apps qualify to appear in Staff Picks or the featured sections of these new collection pages (or if you have suggestions for a new collections page), please contact our Ecosystem Marketing team via Marketplace Support, and create an “Other Marketplace Inquiries” ticket to be considered for inclusion.

We have many more exciting updates coming to the Marketplace to improve how customers navigate, filter, and discover your apps. Keep an eye out later this year for more information!

Please be sure to share this info with your marketing teams, and I look forward to partnering with you all to grow your businesses and provide the best possible experience for our customers in 2018.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Marketplace

How to: Get your apps featured in Atlassian marketing campaigns
How to: Get your apps featured in Atlassian marketing campaigns
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