Introduce Yourself!

Hello and welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community.

I’m Peter and I’m part of the Developer Relations team at Atlassian.
I’m based in Belgium. Before joining Atlassian I was an Atlassian Expert, an agile coach, and a Java developer.

I’m a massive board game geek, I love skiing, and I’m always trying to find good books to read. (Feel free to recommend books to me).

Please tell me something about yourself. I would love to meet you.



Hi Peter,
Awesome to see the development community getting a community board for ourselves!

I’m Daniel, based in Seattle, WA. I’m the Product person behind the Wittified product lines at Appfire. Before joining up with Appfire, I was an independent marketplace vendor(Wittified), and before that I did a lot of stuff for Turner Broadcasting System(, and others).

Myself, I do what I love - I love to tinker with code and getting into things that I shouldn’t be in…


Ice breakers. I love 'em.

I’m Jamie Gaard, and I work at Atlassian in the Marketplace. If you’re a developer who feels like they are ready to take that big step and become a marketplace vendor, you’ll most likely encounter someone from the Marketplace Vendor support team (which is currently me and the english bloke, Chris Parker). We exist to enable all of your vendor needs, requests, and issues. We’re also the last gate before your marketplace hits the public, so don’t be shy! Head over to the Vendor section of the community to learn more.

And if you’re ever in SF (or Amsterdam, but we’re better company) send me an email if you feel like meeting up in person. Cheers!


Ice cubes. I love 'em. (hehe @jgaard)

I’m Nick Wade, and I head up the business operations for Atlassian Ecosystem, which primarily means Atlassian Marketplace operations. I’ve been around here pretty much since we launched, and I’ve managed every part of our ecosystem over the years. If you’d like to talk about licensing and pricing strategies, business needs around new products you want to launch, requirements from the Marketplace platform you think are a good idea, merchandising in the catalog and in-product, and more… I’m frequently engaged on all those topics.

Hope to see you at an Atlassian event soon. Thanks!


Wait - I went first after Peter and now you guys are going with a theme?!? Can I change my intro? Uhmm Ice breakers, Ice cubes… Lemonade?


Hi, everyone! I’m David from DEISER, a Spanish partner and vendor. I work as Product Manager, making great things with our add-ons on Cloud and Server.
Actually, I’ve just joined to the Community because Peter told us on the Connect week and here I am :), I like the site so much.
If you guys will be in Amsterdam during this week, let’s catch up!


Welcome aboard David!

Thanks for signing up and I hope you have a great Connect Week.

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Oh fine - @ssmith you’re the second one to complain about my avatar on Gravatar. Happy - I’ve updated it to add in the gray hair. :slight_smile:


Ice cubes, ideally crushed in a :cocktail:

I’m Steffen from Utoolity, an Atlassian Marketplace vendor focused on AWS integrations.

A related fun fact is that I acquired my AWS expertise by answering questions on Stack Overflow that I didn’t know the answers for, which has been a rewarding and highly effective approach to explore and learn a (back then) new technology.

Accordingly, I’m always happy to chat all things cloud in general and AWS in particular. Cheers!


Hi all!

I’m Ian Buchanan from Developer Relations at Atlassian. I work from our beautiful downtown Austin, TX office. I focus on the emerging DevOps culture and the application of JIRA and Bitbucket for better continuous integration and continuous delivery. I have broad and deep experience with both Java and .NET, but have been building with Python and JavaScript lately. When not writing, speaking, or coding, you are likely to find me indulging my passions in parsers, meta-programming, and domain-specific languages.

If you are into agile, lean, and DevOps, be sure to follow me on Twitter as @devpartisan.



Hello, everybody!

I’m Becky and I work on the Information Experience (tech writing) team here at Atlassian. My main focus is on improving the documentation experience for developers. So I spend most of my time working on the (or DAC) site. So if you ever contribute to DAC, I’ll probably see your pull request. :grin:

I’ve spent most of my career managing enterprise content, and lately I’ve been dabbling in programming (JavaScript and Python). When I’m not working as a tech writer, I enjoy speaking at and hosting meetups about all topics related to tech pubs and teaching writers/designers Git. Oh, and I knit. A lot.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone. I’m Deniz, from The Starware. I’m developing add-ons for Marketplace. Thanks.


Hi, I’m David. I’m a Software Engineer and co-founder of ProjectBalm. I live in Leura, in the Blue Mountains, about 100 km West of Sydney; and I work from a home office there.

I’m the developer behind the Risk Register add-on for JIRA Server, and I’m currently working on the imminent release of a JIRA Cloud version of that product. A lot of our JIRA Cloud add-on is written in Elm, with a Play Framework (Java) back end. I’m really enjoying the functional focus of Elm, and it’s helpfulness with respect to refactoring.

This Developer Community site seems like the perfect way for me to get better connected with other members of the Atlassian ecosystem. Looking forward to meeting, in some way or another, as many of you as possible.


Welcome aboard David,

It’s cool to see that people are using all kind of languages to write Cloud add-ons, I didn’t even know about Elm until just now :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
I’m Tony Becker. I work as a Product Manager for (DAC). My sole goal is to make the DAC developer experience amazing!
I’ve been at Atlassian in Sydney since Sept 2016.
Great to meet everybody! :smile_cat:


I’m Ralph Whitbeck. I’m on the Developer Relations team for the Atlassian Ecosystem. I work remotely from my snowy home office in Rochester, NY.

I’m currently focused on creating a fantastic content experience for you at AtlasCamp in Barcelona in May. I’ll also be working on making Summit US great as well later this year.

Coming to Barcelona? Come say hi and tell me what you think of the sessions. Look forward to meeting everyone there.


Hi All,

I’m Simon, and I head up ThinkTilt, which makes ProForma a forms and template add-on for JIRA and in particular JSD.

ThinkTilt is the second incarnation of the team that founded SmartyGrants, which is a powerful form design and submission system masquerading as a grants management tool. Our aim is to take some of the lessons we learnt in the past into making ProForma (and JSD) a powerful tool that any team can use to manage their processes.

Our team is spread all over the place (Melbourne, Toronto, and somewhere in Mexico - depending on the time of the year), while I am based in Brisbane. We are looking forward to being at Summit(s), so come and say hi.



Hi Everybody,

I am Alexander Küken, and I work as a consultant for syracom Consulting AG, an Atlassian solution partner, and marketplace vendor, here in Germany.

I started my career as a developer but over the time switched more and more to the business side. So today as a consultant I work for different customers, primary in the financial sector, as kind of an interpreter between business and IT.

In the context of our Atlassian topics, I work as a product manager and part time developer for our Secure Login 2FA plugin. After slowly switching more and more to the business side (or dark side as some developers may call it :wink: ), plugin development is my holy sanctuary of coding. :slight_smile:

Finally, it is nice to have a dedicated Developer Community (again). Since Answers I missed the old developer board, we had before. So I am looking forward to all the discussions and interchange, that will hopefully take place here.




I’m Remie Bolte and I’m a small one-man-with-a-cat vendor on the Atlassian Marketplace. I’ve created a couple of add-ons to help safe some time during my day job and published them on the Marketplace for fun back in 2012. Apparently they also helped other people to solve their problem because soon it became clear that it could actually become a business!

Apart from creating & maintaining add-ons, I’m a partner in a privacy consultancy firm. We are advising companies to adjust their workflow & IT systems to be compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will go in effect on 25 May 2018. If you need any help with your legal stuff (like privacy & cookie statements), don’t hesitate to drop me line!




I’m Vijay and I work for verizon as a senior java developer ! new to development community .

love to code , passion to work on opensource stuff .

Vijay Katta