Is anyone manning the Marketplace support desk?

I’ve had two marketplace support tickets open for the last 2-3 weeks with no acknowledgement from Atlassian. One for the approval of an add-on and another for a free cloud license. Just wondering if I slipped through the cracks or are you guys that busy.

Some tickets seem longer to process than others. It took me 3 months to get the free cloud license :slight_smile: But not complaining when something is free :slight_smile: Typically I had good response time from the Atlassian team but I must admit that lately it’s been taking more time than usual.

You’re too right about free stuff. That being said, weeks without an acknowledgement on two separate tickets feels like a disturbance in the Atlassian mojo. Like a shift in culture, priorities, or something of that nature. Here’s hoping it’s an anomaly and not a foretelling of things to come.

I’m in the same situation. Applied for the free cloud license, requested an update 2 weeks later and no answer. Is been a month with no sign from Atlassian.

@ryan did you get your requests sorted in the end?

Nope never did. They could just not offer this service or explicitly say it’s for vendors with $X in sales.

So it’s really puzzling that they claim to offer this service and then never follow up with people who sign up for it. The free service is essentially a triviality in the big picture but their lack of any type of follow up or anyone giving a crap about the vendors signing up for this service is really disturbing.

Although it’s not a good excuse, the Marketplace team has been really busy lately with a lot of changes happening (see also

I think the marketplace vendor benefits program has been marked as the lowest possible priority as this is a benefit. Unless you are currently facing termination of your existing instance, the best thing is to just wait. If you’re keen on getting this resolved, it always helps to ask for assistance in-person (for instance, during AppWeek, Summit or AtlasCamp events). Or by stalking the right people :slight_smile:

Speaking of which: make sure to check out and sign up for the marketplace vendor slack group.


Hi everyone,

Jamie from the support team here. I’d like to hopefully explain a little bit about response times. To address the elephant in the room, yes, response times are (on average) slower.

There are a couple of reasons for this, which, at the risk of sounding like I’m making excuses, I’d like to share.

The number of support tickets has grown YoY, but the size of the support team has not.

Fairly self-explanatory, but the numbers help frame it a bit. Last year, the support team (Chris and I) handled about 4600 tickets in 2017. So far, we’ve already had 4900 tickets and there are still 3 months until the end of 2018. The increased number of issues is mainly driven by more approval reviews, new programs that the support team manages, and engineering changes to the Marketplace. On average the total number of support issues grows 13% over last’s totals. If that sounds like an inhumane number of tickets for 2 people to handle, it is! (but a lot of that gets answered by automation) The support staffing efforts haven’t really kept pace with the increased demand. Good news - Ecosystem is hiring another support staff member. Meaning that tickets will likely see faster SLAs on average as the new person hits their stride.

Growing number of support managed programs

We’ve seen a lot of the complaints in this thread and a few others are about the response times for the PvA vendors’ free vendor license program (henceforth referred to as “the program”). I will fully admit that this one caught us off guard.

The program was originally created, developed, and maintained by a separate team whose sole responsibility was managing the program. As the ecosystem’s needs changed, we decided that the team responsible was better spent working on other projects. That left the program in limbo for a while until our team adopted it 3 months ago. My initial approach was that it shouldn’t be a priority until we can define how we would manage it and what we would need to automate. Again, the scope of the project caught me by surprise and it was left alone for longer than I planned. The good news is that we’ve committed resources to handling the existing issues and automating the support instances already in place. Expect to see more movement on those in the coming months. Sorry for the delay until now.

I’ve been focusing more on automation efforts to scale the support capabilities

If you haven’t seen my avatar poking around support issues for a while that’s because I’ve mostly been working on the team’s automation efforts to handle the most common support issues. As with the above project, I really think that once automation is in place it will relieve the burden on the support team and improve wait times on tickets. Some of the things we’ve automated this year - vendor refund requests, Bitbucket server datacenter pricing updates (dont ask -_-), GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requests, and now the free license program. This has improved SLAs for those issues, but it’s left the other queue work handled by 1.25 people. Big shoutout to @chparker who is holding it down while I work on other things. I’ve promised him that we will get to a better time where things feel more manageable (I feel strongly automation is key here!) but for now we’re both stretched thin and response times are longer than they should be.

There are other reasons why we’ve been slower than average (GDPR, team move to India, Summit/AtlasCamp) but I wanted to highlight the above because we rarely show the inside workings of the support team and this was a chance to address some of the major pain points that vendors experience (as well as ourselves.) I really hope it doesn’t come off as trying to make excuses. I only wanted to adhere to the Atlassian values (Open Company, No BS) so I hope that by being candid it helps frame some of the suffering you’ve been going through. Trust me, we’re not ignoring you out of maliciousness, we’re just learning to keep up with our growth. I appreciate your patience with us and I promise soon things will be moving quickly again.

Atlassian values it’s vendor relationships. If you have any follow-up questions for me or if one of your issues hasn’t gotten the attention it should have, please email me directly at and I’ll happily take a look. As always you can reach us through the support queue by following the link here.


Thanks for the open information, @jgaard.

@jgaard Thanks for the openness. It might not always make us happy but it certainly allows us to relate, to emphasize, to plan for & deal with the situation.

It’s also a lot less frustrating than plain silence. I wish a lot more people would follow your example here.


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@jgaard Thanks for the response but I didn’t see anything in it that explained why my ticket has gone 6 months without a response . Are you still working on 2017 requests?

I empathize with what you are saying and I certainly don’t blame you personally. You sound like a conscientious and caring employee. That being said, I feel like you guys should cancel the free cloud license program if you can’t keep up with the demand. I could live without ever having heard of this benefit but it’s very irritating to be told you can have it then never receive an acknowledgement or denial. Eternally stuck in limbo if you will.

I shed a tear for what Atlassian has become when I see this type of behavior. It’s a beautiful marketing story that was designed to get some good press at a single moment in time. Then some idiot in upper management doesn’t fund or staff it properly and it slowly does damage to the Atlassian brand among it’s ecosystem developers.

A bit late but just FYI for those who will find the topic. I got my vendor benefits on 31st of October, 2 months after opening the request. Thank’s @jgaard for the message above

I have now a pile of tickets without any updates even related to paid add-ons. At the end of the day, it generates extra revenues for Atlassian and I don’t understand why it can’t be addressed. Please raise this issue to the upper management, it is absolutely unacceptable.

Just to clarify, tickets are about something that doesn’t work. Not asking for hand holding or stuff like that.


Hi @george1,

Can you please share the ticket numbers with me?

Oh my… I really hope those tickets from @george1 have already been picked up, given that 3 months passed :scream:

Just cross checking, should ideally be closed by now.

My tickets have been resolved so it is more or less okay for now. After all, one month of waiting is better than no response at all, it just you don’t know whether it will be a month or two or six and this is why I brought it up.

@ayarazarvi We want to publicly launch our first paid cloud app next Monday (3 Jun).

The app is approved, it is being used by several hundred Jira Cloud instances already (free of charge). There are two issues that make it impossible to launch it as GA:

  1. (MUST HAVE!)
  2. (nice to have)

Both require only a few clicks on your side, no long approvals, etc. required.

Could you please check? (I really hate posting to this thread, but there are only 3 days left… :neutral_face:)

Hey @aron.gombas,

I’ve picked up your issues. Let’s take the conversation there.

Hey there. I really don’t like to go on about someone here. But Apparently the MP Support desk is down. I crated an issue two weeks ago and have not even received an answer (not even the bot was there). Is something technically broken or did I do something wrong here?

This is about AMKTHELP-17884

Hey @david.toussaint, I see that Jamie has already responded to your ticket. Many thanks for highlighting the issue to us. We will keep you informed.