Is there a way rotate the shared secret for one installation?

We have a situation where our app can’t access the Jira Cloud API for one of our customers. It appears as if the shared secret we received when the app was installed is not valid anymore. Is there a way to force an installed lifecycle event, which rotates the secret, for this customer?

It used to so that user could uninstall and reinstall the app to the same effect. Currently this is not practical as the app cannot be uninstalled until the license period runs out.


Quite recently, we updated Connect documentation about installation secret being out of sync. For quick reference here are the 3 main paths (see docs for more details on trade-offs):

  • Bump up the micro version of your app so that the daily lifecycle event can send a newly issued secret
  • Request an administrator of the site to uninstall and reinstall the app, which will send a new secret immediately
  • Submit a Developer Support ticket requesting a single site to be reset

What are steps for vendor to reset single site shared secret and receive new one?