Marketplace Approval

Still waiting for Marketplace approval on the following add-on:
It’s been a bit over a week now, and I posted on the ticket asking about status a few days ago and have heard nothing.
I also tried calling the Atlassian phone number and somehow got routed to sales, who wanted an order number? I don’t have an order number.

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We’re stuck in approval for longer than a week too and I heard that some others are as well. Though, right now, during the Atlassian Summit, I wouldn’t expect much to happen. It will probably take them at least another week until summit’s finished and then they’ll work off the queue.

We’re also waiting for approval for 2 tickets: (21 days) (15 days)
Could you please help us on these tickets? @dparrish

Thank you very much!

Hey @elitesoftsp,

I am looking into your tickets.

Thank you very much! @ayarazarvi

@ayarazarvi @dparrish Could you also check this one?

It has been opened 10 days ago, and it hurts us (even financially). We advertised that the app will be available in the Marketplace by the last week, and now we have to explain about the situation.

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Same here. Out ticket is open since a month now :frowning:

We have tickets now open since over 6 weeks and some couldn’t be accessed anymore.
Could you check them too @dparrish ?

Would be wonderful to have access with my account or with again.
And we like to upload the last apps but I’m worried to be too long blocked by this approval.

Thank you for your help or some information what we can do.

Adding @mpaisley in case she has any insights about the current queue size etc.

Hey Oliver,

I’ve let the marketplace approvals team know about this question, however in the meantime maybe I can help sort out the visibility issue with your tickets.

Can you tell me which of those tickets you listed aren’t accessible to you anymore? I’ve checked and is listed as the reporter for all issues, and the security level is set to reporters and atlassian so all 5 tickets should be accessible as long as you’re logged in using that account.

(If you’re talking about some issues which are not listed, perhaps you can tell me the name of the plugin you are waiting on the approval for)


Hi @mpaisley

I recognized that I can open these 3 tickets only with my account - seems so that request participants aren’t working in that permission scheme assigned to the AMKTHELP tickets so that the participant couldn’t access the tickets.
But I have access over that way - not perfect but ok.

These three tickets where the tickets:

In special these two tickets / apps we need to proceed quickly as the approvals are blocking bugfixes our customers are waiting for, already uninstalled our apps because of these small issues (compatibility with the newest confluence).

So maybe your team can focus on these 2 tickets first:

All these apps are listed now since years in the marketplace so I don’t think it’s to much effort hopefully.

Thank you for your help and keeping us up to date.

Hi @mpaisley
One app is now live again - perfect. :grinning:
But another app where we waiting for (and listed above) becomes now critical as we couldn’t release bugfixes for our marketplace listing.

Can you ask your team on focusing from our apps on

We need this to be live again asap, as we have some customers asking us again and again to roll out the bugfix we have.

Thank you

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Our app has been stuck for weeks now, too. We’re constantly getting emails from customers asking for it and while not as critical we’d like to release a small bugfix release as well.

Our app has been approved now. Thank you!

We have also been waiting a marketplace approval since April. We are very eager to see progress on our Marketplace app submission:

Jon Espen

@mpaisley We want to publicly launch our first paid cloud app next Monday (3 Jun).

The app is approved, it is being used by several hundred Jira Cloud instances already (free of charge). There are two issues that make it impossible to launch it as GA:

  1. ( MUST HAVE! )
  2. (nice to have)

Both require only a few clicks on your side, no long approvals, etc. required.

Could you please check? (I really hate posting to this thread, but there are only 3 days left… :neutral_face:)

Hi Aron,
Thanks for your feedback, I’m actually on the Developer Advocacy team, so I’m not trained to approve Marketplace submissions - the Marketplace Support team take care of that side of things. For this reason, I’ve passed on your feedback to the Marketplace Support team.
It looks like Jamie (from that team) has reached out to you already?

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@mpaisley Yes, Melissa, thanks a lot, Jamie helped me!

Hi @mpaisley,
I see you’ve helped a number of other people on this thread so I was hoping you’d be able to answer my question too :crossed_fingers:
The Server version of our new app has been waiting for approval for the last 3 weeks and we’ve not heard anything yet. We have the Cloud version of our app also ready to submit for approval, but as the listing is currently locked for editing (while awaiting approval) it looks like we have to submit one at a time.
Ideally, we’d like to have the Cloud and Server versions of the app approved at the same time, but I’m concerned that we’ll be sent to the back of the queue and have our listing locked again when I submit the Cloud version. Can you offer any advice around this process?

Our open approval ticket is:


I have picked this up.

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