Marketplace badges

Here are the new badges with our updated branding for you to use in your marketing materials.

These include the “Available on Marketplace” badge, the Marketplace Vendor badge, and the Gold and Platinum Top Vendor badges.

Feel free to use them on your websites, whitepapers, etc., but please DO NOT modify them, and of course do not use these if you are not in fact a Marketplace vendor or Gold or Platinum Top Vendor.


Hihi, I’m assuming you should only use the Atlassian Verified badge if you are indeed… verified :smirk:
Unless you’re feeling lucky :sunglasses:

@remie, That is indeed correct. You should only use any of these badges if you are a Marketplace Vendor/have a public app in the Atlassian Marketplace. We are trusting our developers. :angel:


@kmorales Could you please also provide a badge for Atlassian verified vendors including the text “Atlassian verified” as we had before the new logo? Thanks in advance, Michael


@michael.rueegg, thank you for your patience. The zip file has been updated to include the new Atlassian Verified logo with the words.

@kmorales, could you please upload this archive once more? It seems some of the files (old ones) are corrupted. Thanks.

@kmorales I am also unable to open the files in the zip. And would it be possible to have eps as well as png versions of the badges please, just like the zip files for the other Atlassian logos contain both file types? Thanks in advance.

Does anyone else happen to have the non-corrupt version of the files they could upload on here please? We’re preparing some artwork for a conference booth and new brochure and really wanted to use the new badge… Thanks

@mkuzmich @rachel.trew, I have replaced the zip file with a Dropbox link. The files should all be there.

@rachel.trew, the svg files are included as well as pngs.

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@kmorales Thank you!

Thanks for resolving @kmorales :slight_smile: