New forge scopes do not allow apps to be released in marketplace

We updated the scopes of confluence from to

Since there is changes in manifest we need to create new version in marketplace but the marketplace does not allow to do it:

So we had to revert back to old scopes and do the release.


This seems to be hot stuff as usual - your links pointing to “lost space”. Apparently were “new scopes” withdrawn.

@margus.nael apologies for the confusion and thanks for endeavouring to adopt the new scopes!

There was an aborted roll-out of some new scope documentation yesterday due to some incompatibilities with the Marketplace listing process. Unfortunately the new scope documentation (including the Swagger file consumed by the CLI) was already partially rolled out which may have triggered your update. Please see Temporary issues with deploying and listing Forge apps for further details.

We will communicate the new granular scopes broadly when they are released, but in the meantime please continue to use the older scopes, which will still be available for a reasonable period after they are officially deprecated.