Temporary issues with deploying and listing Forge apps

We’ve identified some problems with new scopes planned for Forge and OAuth (3LO) apps. As such, we will be temporarily rolling back these scopes.

If you’re experiencing issues publishing Forge app versions with new scopes to the Marketplace, please revert to the old scopes. To avoid getting linting errors during deploy, use the no-verify flag, i.e. forge deploy --no-verify .


A quick update on the above.

We’re shortly going to be rolling out some new, fine-grained scopes for the Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud REST APIs. Unfortunately the Swagger documentation (and some related human documentation) for these new scopes was published prematurely, before the corresponding changes to the Marketplace app publishing process were deployed.

The Forge CLI consumes this Swagger documentation during linting, and will prompt you to update to the new scopes. While these scopes will work during development, adopting them will prevent you from listing new versions of your app on Marketplace.

To remedy the situation, we are in the process of rolling back the Swagger and human documentation which was mistakenly published (this rollback should be completed in ~90 minutes). This will prevent the Forge CLI linter from prompting you to update your scopes upon deployment. However the Forge CLI may cache the Swagger file for up to 24 hours, so you may need to continue to use the workaround mentioned by Kamil above to successfully deploy your app with the older scopes:

forge deploy --no-verify

Note that you can still use the forge lint command to perform linting and simply ignore the message about deprecated OAuth scopes.

If you have already updated your app to the new scopes, please revert your Forge manifest to use the older scopes instead and ignore the deprecation warnings for now.


Applied the new scopes, then rolled it back with Easy Subtask Templates. Hope this all went well.

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Regarding the forge lint caching problem - you can force cache refresh by removing cache file:

  • MacOS: ~/Library/Preferences/PERMISSIONS_LINTER-nodejs/config.json
  • Linux: ~/.config/PERMISSIONS_LINTER-nodejs/config.json

Can we know what are the new scopes that are removed?

The rollback of the documentation has been completed. Please note that we have reverted almost all Cloud developer platform documentation to the state that it was in 2 days ago, so other pages may have (temporarily) lost recent minor updates.

Our apologies for any confusion this has caused. Rest assured that the new granular scopes for Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud will be rolled out in a more graceful manner in the near future.

Hi huasoon,

We will be re-publishing the list of new scopes in the near future.

In the meantime, if you run the forge lint command the Forge linter should warn you of any invalid scopes used by your app, though you may need to clear your cached swagger file as per Aleksander’s comment above.

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For those of you using windows the mentined file can be found under: %APPDATA%\Roaming\PERMISSIONS_LINTER-nodejs\Config