Notify when new "compatible to" version is available for selection

(As a Marketplace partner for many years, I should really know this by now…but here we are).

For Server/DC apps , the Marketplace portal allows selection of compatible host product versions:

Patch releases are automatically compatible: as a vendor I only need to select 7.13.0 as being compatible, and when 7.13.1, 7.13.2, 7.13.3 etc. are later released, the app is automatically updated to indicate compatibility with these releases.

Minor versions require the vendor to manually opt-in to compatibility: when 7.14.0 is released (as it was recently), I have to manually update the above “Compatible to” selection.

I subscribe to the announcements topics here on CDAC, so I’m notified when new EAP releases become available, and we do test our apps as early as possible with these new releases.

However there seems to be no notification (at least that I’m aware of) for when a version actually becomes available for selection in the “Compatible to” list. So unless we regularly check, we sometimes receive “Add-on Update Requests” from our customers, asking us to upgrade our app to be compatible with the latest version.

We would like to avoid having our customers prompt us to go and update the compatibility of our apps.

Is there somewhere/somehow we can be notified when a new “Compatible to” version is available for selection in the marketplace portal?

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Yeah, this has been a pain for many years, with atlassian repeatedly saying they can’t automate that notification.

So the best thing to do is automate it yourself. There used to be an RSS feed that you could track. Alternatively, you can pull the JSON that also powers that dropdown as this is a public resource. We use that JSON for

I do think that, apart from maybe @nmansilla , the current cohort of atlassians are not aware of the history of this specific ongoing discussion. It’s been a while since it had been brought up, probably because most vendors automated it themselves

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Found an old thread from 2017 on CDAC which indeed also included @nmansilla: Release notification

In it, I actually responded that I was able to trace back this discussion to 2013 (the year I started as vendor). So yeah :man_shrugging:

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