OAuth 2.0 (3LO) Webhooks announcement

Hi developer community,

We are excited to announce that 3LO apps (OAuth 2.0) can now register webhooks using Dynamic Webhooks API ([ACJIRA-1632] Ability to create issue webhooks for 3LO apps - Ecosystem Jira).

The Dynamic Webhooks API for 3LO apps will work exactly as it currently works for Connect apps. The 3LO apps need to declare a new OAuth scope: manage:jira-webhook to use this API. For now, only a subset of events is supported:

  • jira:issue_created
  • jira:issue_updated
  • jira:issue_deleted
  • comment_created
  • comment_updated
  • comment_deleted
  • issue_property_set
  • issue_property_deleted

You can learn more about managing Dynamic Webhooks and their security in our documentation.

You have any feedback or question for us, please leave us a comment below.

Thank you,

Jira Cloud Ecosystem team


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